Root for Samsung Galaxy S4 for all carriers using Motochopper : AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

Its odd to go for rooting a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, the same month its released. But apart from the built in ROM, rooted devices or those posses custom firmware could explore more what the handset is really capable of. So its obvious that rooting methods and firmwares are releasing soon the phone is released. Last day we came up with the stock ROM for Galaxy S4. Availability of stock ROM makes the rooting less risky since it can fix the device if rooting fails. 

This rooting method will work in all variants of Galaxy S4 that use a Qualcomm processor. That is all AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Galaxy S4's can be rooted with this method. The method is developed by Motorola and is called Motochopper. Downloads and rooting instructions are given below.


How to root

  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Install the latest Samsung USB drivers available for your phone (Windows users).
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode on your device.
  4. Connect your device to your PC via USB.
  5. If you are using Windows, go to the extracted directory and execute "run.bat". 
  6. If you are using Linux, go to the directory and execute "./run.sh".
  7. Approve the ADB connection from your PC on your device.
*Do it on your own risk*


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