Samsung Galaxy Note gets multiple window Mod : Resizable and Movable

Multiple windows in action was the key attraction of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The phone is capable of playing videos while browsing or reading an article in another window. By default the device is  capable of displaying two running applications in a single window. But recently a Mod has released for Note 2 that can run more than two applications in a single window. 


Multiple Windows in Galaxy Note 2

The elder one, Galaxy Note has now got the mode to display multiple applications in a single window. Screen shots shows the mode is going to bring the best from Note 2 to Note. Its done by combining multi window and the application floating apps. Floating apps is an application that is used to display home screen in an adjustable window. Using the properties of  two the awesome feature is created


  • N7000 rooted deodex JB 4.1.2 XXLSA or XXLSC w/ unlimited multiwindows mod installed
  • Other ROMs which has unlimited multiwindows mod installed can also be used
  • It is safe to make a nandroid backup

1. Install build prop editor( It is availbale in Google play store)
2. edit ro.sf.lcd_density = 213
3. Download Floating.Multiwindow.Mod.LSA.and.LSC.zip given in download
4. flash through CWM recovery
5. Reboot your phone
6. Multiple app multi Window will be ready

Screen Shots (Thanks to forum.xda-developers.com)



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