Odin 4.38 for Rooting Samsung Android Phones

Samsung smart phones, especially Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S and the latest pinup Galaxy S3 regularly receives software updates called firmwares. The official updates can be done using the software Samsung Kies. Kies can be used only for official updates and is not at all user friendly.

There is a lot of unofficial updates coming from all around the world for these phones. These unofficial firmwares can only be updated using the software Odin. In our earlier posts we have mentioned the details and download links of the versions Odin 1.85, Odin 2.25 , Odin 3.04 and Odin 3.98.

Here we are coming up with the latest version of Odin 4.38. Odin 4.38 for Galaxy Ace and Odin 4.38 are the same and we are providing it here. Many advancements have been made on this version and will definitely be more comfortable and user friendly . The download links are given below. The steps for using the software for rooting can be obtained from our former rooting guides, such as :








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