Jelly Bean : Android Gets Better

Android, the most popular mobile platform gets even better with the latest pin up, Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean 4.1 is the fastest and smoothest version of android ever. Android have been improving through out its dream run and so in Jelly bean, reports say.

Androids most popular version IceCream Sandwich has seen some of the amazing phones ever in it, including Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and finally the one that amazed the world , Galaxy S3. Now its time for Jelly Bean. Reports says the Jelly Bean updates for popular smart phones are ready for release. 

We will come up with updates, stay connected to our rooting section.

Key Features

  • Vsync timing across all drawing and animation done by the Android framework, including application rendering, touch events and display refresh
  • Triple buffering in the graphics pipeline
  • Enhanced accessibilit
  • Bi-directional text and other language support
  • User-installable keyboard maps
  • Smarter Keyboard
  • Automatically resizable app widgets
  • Bluetooth data transfer for Android Beam
  • Offline voice dictation
  • Improved voice search
  • Google Now


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