CWM Recovery on all SGS3 LTE Variants

This post is all about on how to install CWM recovery on all variants of SGS3 LTE.  This is the first step to enable you to root and customize your phone.I thank  noobnl for this recovery image.

Supported Phones

This recovery should theoretically work on all LTE variants of SGS3.  Do not flash on other phones.
Confirmed on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T SGS3.

We are not affiliated with Sprint or Samsung.  By using this software or following these instructions you run the risk of damaging your phone.  We are not responsible for what you to to your phone.  You may be violating the warranty.

  • CWM-Recovery-LTE-SGS3-v1.tar.md5 [1] [2]
  • md5sum 2f0e18d7c18039bb46927d797823f2ad
  • Changelog
  •  v1 released 6/22/2012
  • Built from AT&T SGS3 I747UCALEM binary kernel.
  •  Samsung USB drivers for Windows
  •   Odin v3.04 [1] [2]
  • md5sum a6e2cfce68b6caf91d29edbb888fa370
How to Install CWM with Odin (Windows only)
Currently the only way to flash the SGS3 is the Odin utility on Windows.  Heimdall (for MacOS X and Linux) does not yet work on SGS3.

Step by Step Instructions

  1.  Install USB driver on Windows.
  2. Put SGS3 into Download mode.   
    • Power off.
    • Power on, immediately hold down Volume Down, Home and Power buttons until a Warning  message appears.  Press the Volume Up button to proceed.
  3. Unpack the Odin .zip and run Odin on Windows.
  4. Plug USB cable into phone and computer.  If your drivers are setup properly, Odin should recognize the phone by turning the COM box on the left blue with a message "Added!!"
  5. Click on PDA, select the CWM-Recovery-LTE-SGS3-v*.tar.md5 file.   
  6. Click Start to begin flashing.  If it succeeded the box on the left should turn green and say "PASS!"
How to Boot into Recovery on SGS3
  1. Power off.
  2. Power on, immediately hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons until recovery appears.
  3. In recovery you can flash new ROM's or customization to your current ROM.  If your SGS3 is new, you may want to flash Team Epic's Root from Recovery tool, the easiest way to root the stock Samsung ROM.

Troubleshooting Odin
The #1 cause of Odin flash failures is a bad USB cable.  USB cables that come with phones are often not good enough.  It is hit or miss with retail USB cables, you might try two seemingly identical cables but only one consistently works.  Find a USB cable that works for Odin and stick with it.

Source: Cyangenmod's Team Epic
Supporting thread: xda-developers forum


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