HTC Unbricking project delivers final release

A fully functional method to restore HTC device such as the HTC Amaze 4G, EVO 3D, MyTouch 4G Slide, Sensation, and the Vivid/Raider/Velocity from a full brick is finally released. This release boosts up the confidence of users while performing  potentially risky tasks such as HBoot updates, ROM flashes, or turning S On.
XDA Senior Member dexter93, along with a host of other developers, has finally released this project after several months of beta testing and waiting. This is great news for many HTC users who have bricked devices under certain circumstances, and is much better news for users who unintentionally—or even intentionally—brick theirs in the future.

The method is little bit complicated and requires some things at the user side.
Other Requirements
Linux-based computer
Most up to date RUU for your device
Finally, the most important of all, according to dexter93 is as folllows:
a device bricked by writing security flag 3 with an unsigned hboot, or caused by a damaged hboot via interrupted OTA update/RUU flash on a S-ON device
In other words, this will not work for all kinds of bricks. Rather it will only work for devices bricked by setting S On with an unsigned HBoot or if your HBoot was somehow damaged. While this unfortunately doesn’t help those who may have bricked their devices through other means, it will undoubtedly help many previously helpless users. It should be mentioned, though, that dexter93 and crew are looking to find way to fix other bricks as well.
For all the information such as download links, screen shots, the full instructions, and discussion, head over to the appropriate thread:


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