Flash AOSP/AOKP/CM9 ICS Roms for Galaxy Note the Easy and Safe Way

We have been using LP1 Repack as a stepping-stone between Gingerbread and custom ICS Roms so far. Now there is an easier way.

The following procedure was tested by thechintsvvizabhisahara, and   chasmodo of xda developer forum and it works. 
It was tested on Stunner and CM9, but could work for any ICS Rom that currently has "flash LP1 Repack" as one of the steps in its flashing instructions. 
 The suggested method is safe sofar as it won't brick your device. You have a safe way back to GB via nAndroid backup or PC Odin if it fails.
The only tool that you need for the following procedure to work is AbyssNote 4.2 Kernel.

Get AbyssNote 4.2 kernel HERE.

Do not use earlier AbyssNote Kernel versions for the following procedure.

So, how to do it?
When on any rooted GB Rom:

First and foremost
Double- and triple-check if you have proper GB root!

Do not put faith in the fact that your Titanium Backup or some other root app works.

Do not use various root checkers from the Market.

Do that by trying to paste a file in /system folder -that's the only way for you to really know.
If you can do the pasting, you have root. If not, this thread is not for you.

Some users have managed to achieve soft-bricks while still on GB. They tried to flash AbyssNote kernel and got stuck. Do not let that happen to you.

After that:
1. download AbyssNote 4.2 kernel and place it on your internal/external SD Card

Also download the ICS Rom you want to install and put it on your SD card.
2. reboot to CWMR (press and hold volume up + home + power button) and do a backup of your current system
3. after your backup is done, stay in Recovery
4. go to install a zip from SD card --> select AbyssNote 4.2 zip and flash it
5. go back to CWMR's root menu --> advanced --> reboot recovery
6. you'll find yourself in AbyssNote's Touch Recovery (select options by tapping them, not by using the volume rocker and home button) 
7. factory reset --> wipe cache --> wipe dalvik
9. flash the ICS Rom of your choice
10. reboot and let the Rom settle for a couple of minutes

Now comes the important part...check if you have root.
Start any Explorer with root permissions (Root Explorer, Es Explorer, X Explorer etc.).

Copy any file (a picture, txt file, MP3, whatever).
Navigate to /system folder
Change the /system folder's permissions to R/W.
Paste the file you have copied into /system.
If the pasting goes through OK, you're fully rooted.
Delete the file you've just pasted and set /system as R/O again

And that's it. Enjoy your rooted ICS Rom.
What to do if this procedure doesn't work, i.e. you don't get full ICS root
As we all know, our Notes are quirky devices. What works for most doesn't necessarily have to
work for your phone. So, if you fail to get full root:

Option 1. You will still have 90% functional ICS on your Note. Your phone will do all the usual stuff
normally. You'll probably even be able to use root apps, like Titanium. However, bear in mind that
you are stuck in the Rom you have just flashed - there is no going anywhere because your CWMR
doesn't have proper root privileges to flash things - DO NOT USE CWMR.
What you won't be able to do on your Note is
- apply themes and mods (because that involves flashing stuff through CWMR with no proper root)
- change DPI settings on your Note (you won't be able to switch to tablet mode, for instance)
Everything else should work properly. If you can live with that for a couple of weeks until the 
official ICS arrives, then fine. Relax and enjoy your Rom.

Option 2. If you can't stand the thought that you don't have full root permissions then
- you can try to reboot to CWMR, flash AbyssNote 4.2 again, and try to run a GB restore. 
This doesn't have high chances of success, but all is not lost even if it fails. Then
- you can use PC Odin to flash pre-rooted KJ1 stock Rom as explained by Dr. Ketan.
Originally Posted by dr.ketan  View Post
When No Any other method works to Root your device, use this[/B]
Note that, this will downgrade your ROM to KJ1, after that you can update it.

Download: https://rapidshare.com/files/3690281..._FACTORYFS.zip
(special thanx to schiwa for providing premium a/c to host file)

Mirror for Above file  (in case above link not works then only)
Download this three files


- Tool to join them, run the following file and locate the .001 file.

- Make sure your SGN is NOT connected to your computer
- Reboot your SGN into "download mode" (Vol Down + Home + Power)
- Start ODIN
- Click the PDA button, and select the "SGN_XX_OXA_KJ1_FACTORYFS.tar" file
- Connect the SGN to your computer
- Make sure "repartition" is NOT checked
- Click the START button
- Wait for the phone to reboot TWICE
- Done.
Now that you have a rooted GB stock Rom, Install Mobile Odin Pro n update your device to any new Rom with Mobile Odin
After that you can flash whatever you like from its CWMR or use Mobile Odin to upgrade.


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