Rooting guide for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH i717)

This is a rooting guide for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH i717) that allows you to run a stock AT&T rom with root. It will not provide you with CWM as it uses the stock <3re> recovery in conjunction with superuser capabilities. Use this if you wish to root without increasing your Custom Binary Counter (Samsung Mobile uses a custom binary counter to keep track of any Modding of firmwares and kernels done by users of their phones. Any flashing of roms/kernels not signed by Samsung will trigger an increase in this counter which can be viewed by putting your phone into download mode). To unroot you must be able to perform ADB cmds which means you will have to install the Android SDK to your PC .

This download is over 500mb as it has a few packages in it: GNote Total Package - Minus

Odin3 v1.85.zip
USB_Driver_for_ATT_I717_Galaxy_Note_v1_3_2200_0.ex e

Unpackage the download to someplace that you can easily find its contents. I used Winrar and placed it all inside of a folder on my desktop.

If you do not have Samsung Kies installed on your computer then the first thing you will want to do is install it or use the USB_Driver package that is included in the above download. Afterwards, plug your phone into your computer to make sure it is recognized by your computer. Always! use your factory supplied USB cable that came with the phone.

Next, you need to unzip the att_note_root.zip and the Odin3 v1.85.zip. Windows can unzip these by default. The att_note_zip contains the .tar file that will deliver root. This will be flashed using Odin in the PDA section.

By continuing on with this tutorial you acknowledge that anytime you alter your stock firmware you are officially voiding your warranty and you are proceeding at your own risk.

Using Odin:

1. If you have Samsung Kies installed on your computer make sure that nothing Kies related is running in the background of your PC. Check your Task Manager.
2. Power your phone all the way off without it connected to your PC.
3. After it is powered off, press and hold the Volume Down button and your Power button at the same time. 
4. Continue holding it until you are asked to push Volume Up to enter Download Mode. (If your computer starts installing extra drivers at this time then please be patient and let it finish)
5. Rightclick Odin and select Run as Administrator. Using 64bit Windows, I usually have to run it this way.
6. After a moment Odin should recognize your phone and you should see the top left box in Odin turn yellow and numbers appear in ID COMM (this represents your phone).
7. The only box that should be tick marked is Auto reboot. Uncheck all other boxes.
8. On the bottom right, select PDA and navigate to the unzipped att_note_root.tar file that you downloaded earlier. Make sure that it is a tar file and not a zip file!
9. Select Start and let Odin inject the tar and then wait for the phone to reboot.
10. Now all you have to do is make sure that you have the Superuser apk inside of your app drawer. Update it by launching it or by updating it through the Market.

Thanks to roloracer at XDA for putting this package together.


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