How to increase Battery life of your android handset?

      The battery life of android phones and tablets are experienced to be too low compared to devices running  on other operating systems such as Symbian and windows. The reason behind this difference is not only hardware but the way the OS runs in your device. There are certain tips to increase the battery life up to a good extent.

1. Exit Unwanted apps

          If you hide applications it will be running in back ground and so taking a portion of the processor and hence the battery life. So when ever a running application is not wanted exit it or 'back' from it.

2. Use an application killer

          You can use an application killer to completely exit the applications and hence saving a lot of battery life and reduce the wastage of RAM.

3. Turn of frequent mail alerts

          Applications providing frequent mail alerts will access internet connectivity to get its information updated. This will use a lot of battery. So avoid using these applications if its not a must.

4. Turn off Wi Fi

          If Wi Fi is turned on it will frequently search for available Wi Fi spots and this will consume the charge. So turn off Wi Fi whenever its not needed.

5. Use 2G mode

          If internet access is not needed put the network mode in 2G. Using 3G or Dual mode will kill the battery charge.

6. Turn off weather updates

         Try to avoid using applications such as weather updates. Use it to a minimum if its a must.

7. Display Brightness

        Use display brightness according to the need. Use minimum brightness and get more power back up.


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