Airtel 3G Latest Proxy

The older versions of Airtel proxy seems to get deactivated after about a months usage. This trick will help you use it longer.

Here is the trick to get Airtel 3G in 2G tariff...

1. Port to Airtel from your existing prepaid service, by sending the message PORT <your Mobile Number> to 1900

2. It will take around a week to get it done.

3. After getting your Airtel activated, activate GPRS, 121 will help you for that.

4. Then you will get GPRS activated and you will recieve the settings

5. Go to 'Connectivity>Network>Network Mode' and select 2G mode (GSM)

6. Recharge for Rs.98, its the 2G offer with 1 Gb for 1 month (offers may vary with area, confirm it from www.airtel.in)

7. Then activate 3G by sending 3G to 121

8. Then you will recive an alert that 'your existing 2G offers will be deactivated reply 1 to confirm'. 

9. You can reply with 1 and its not going to get deactivated

10. It will be activated soon, may be in an hour.

11. Then Go to 'Connectivity>Network>Network Mode' and select 3G mode (UMTS)

12. Start browsing and experince the lightening speed of Airtel 3G !!!!

13. Don't forget to renew your 2G pack a day before the last day.

14. If you are experience lesser speed after 1 month do the following

15. Recharge for Rs 8 (Basic 3G plan) the do The 2G offer.

16. You will get the speed back if you are lucky!!!

This Airtel 3G proxy is tested and is working properly.

To know about BSNL 3G proxy Click here


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