Essential Android Apps To Install After Rooting

There are a number of Android Apps which you have to install after you root your Android Phone. These apps work really well with rooted devices and have features you would have not thought were possible under normal circumstances.

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is one of the best Android apps to use after the system has been rooted. This is a great file manager which lets the user gain access over the Android file system. It is user friendly enough to let you tweak your phone and get rid of system apps which you don’t need. The user can easily archive zip files from the phone and can also access the data folder. The only catch is that you have to pay 2.50 pounds for the application. Get Root Explorer

Android Terminal Emulator

This is a great app but is only recommended for advanced users who can understand a bit of programming.  It allows the users to execute commands by accessing the UNIX terminal. It is also a useful tool for removing all those useless apps installed on the phone by the carrier. These useless apps are usually bloatware and end up slowing the phone down. It’s a great way of exploring the internals of the phone. Get Android Terminal Emulator

SQLite Editor

This is an editor which will let the user view and edit data in the SQLite database on the android phone. Under normal circumstances the database engine only lets the user app view and store data. With a rooted phone and SQLite a user can easily check out all the data in the tables on the app. This is a useful tool for all those who want to peek under the bonnet. Get SQLite Editor

AdFree Android

This app will only work with Rooted Android phones and is pretty self explanatory. This app is nifty enough to remove all the ads on the phone while browsing as well as blocking most of the ads on the downloaded apps on the downloaded apps in the browser. This is a great app for all those who can’t stand ads and want to free up resources on the phone. Get AdFree Android

Wireless Tether for Root Users

This is a great app which allows the user to wirelessly tether another device to your phone’s internet. It can be done easily via Bluetooth or to turn it into a Wi-Fi Router. The best thing about it is that it is extremely secure and is reliable. It is a lot better than the iPhone which only allows for tethering if you pay extra for it. The app also shows how much of the bandwidth has been used. The best thing is that this app is available for free. Get Wireless Tether for Root Users


ShootMe is an app which lets you take screenshots of your device. It works by simply shaking it or shouting so that it takes a screenshot. It also always users to record video clips as well (only available on higher end phones) . Get ShootMe

CacheMate for Root Users

CacheMate is a nifty app which allows the user to clean the cache out of all or any apps. It is available in a Free Lite version as well as a paid full version.  It also displays the memory used and memory available on the device. Get CacheMate for Root Users

Titanium Backup – Root

Titanium Backup is an app which allows for full scale backup for users. It is a great app for easily backing up and restoring all apps, system settings, text messages and download. It is available in both free versions and a pro version. The pro version allows for multiple backups, faster backup and scheduling. Get Titanium Backup – Root


The adbWireless app is an app which eliminates the need to connect an Android device to the computer. This allows for files to be transferred from phone to computer wirelessly. The only catch is that the user needs to install the Android SDK on the computer so that this process can take place. Get adbWireless


SetCPU is a useful app for overclocking or underclocking an Android device. It is available for $1.99 and allows for extension of battery life by underclocking. The app is easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. This is one of the best Rooted Android Apps available on the Android Marketplace. Get SetCPU


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