How to Login To Multiple Google Accounts

There are many reasons to have multiple Google accounts. You may have multiple websites for personal and business accounts. Whatever the reason, it is inconvenient to have several browsers running or keep logging out of one to check another account.

Aside from forwarding your email to a single Gmail account, you can use browser extensions or manage the settings in Gmail to allow multiple account access without the inconveniences you are currently experiencing.
The following methods are mostly meant for accessing several Google accounts for email. Some of the other apps accessed when you are logged into your Google Account may not work.

Quick Login for Google Accounts

For this first fix, you will need to use Google Chrome (browser). The Quick Login for Google Accounts extension will allow you to access several different Google Accounts. This is ideal because you can have a browser window open and have a tab for each Google account.


1. After adding the extension to Chrome, click the new icon in the top right corner of the browser window, then on options.

2. In the name column, enter something to help you differentiate the account from the others. I chose personal, maketecheasier and untetheredoffice as the names for mine.

3. In the next box over, you will need to put your login user name. You do not need the @gmail.com or @yourgoogleappname

4. Add your login password in the next box to the right.
5. If you are using Google Apps for a business, you will need to tell the extension where the login page is. To do this, you need to click show advanced options. Another row will appear. In this row, you can paste or type the page you visit to log into your business email.

6. After all the information is entered and saved, you can try it out. Click on the Quick login icon again and choose an account to log into.

Multiple Account Sign in

Another option to enable the multiple account login option in your Google Account settings. This way will not tie you to a single browser or even computer. Remember, you will need to sign out of these accounts as well. So if you are one of those people who ticks the remember me or keep me logged in buttons, make sure you actually  log out. If you don’t,  you will have a lot of email accounts accessible to anyone else using that computer.


The setup is pretty easy for this one. Sign into your Gmail or Google Docs or some other Google application. In the top right you will see your name. Click on it to show a drop down.
1. In this drop down, there will be an option to access your Account settings.

2. Once in the settings, you will see the option to edit the Multiple sign-in.

3. You will need to log into each Google Account you’d like to access and enable this option.

4. When you have all of the accounts enabled, you can sign into multiple accounts by clicking on your name in the top right again then switch accounts.

5. you will see an option to sign into another account.

You should have access to a good number of the Google application for the other accounts you are accessing.


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