Installation tutorial Android HD Mini (Photon)

Here is a small guide to install Android on your HD Mini (Photon)!

1. Download your favorite version of Android for Photon. (You can do it here )

2. Format the memory card with this tool (You can find it here )
2.1 The format must be a Full Erase or Full Overwrite
2.2 Perform additional formatting FAT32 on Windows, Computer> Right Click with the Memory Card> Format.

3. Copy all the files in the ROOT * of your memory card.

4.Staccare the device from your PC and go to File Explorer, run HARET.exe

** 5.Attendere 5-10 minutes and enjoy your device with the Google operating system at home!

* For ROOT refers to the root folder of memory card (eg if the memory card is G: \ files go directly on G: \)

** The first time you run Haret will take longer time to load, then just one or two minutes to launch.

SOURCE: XDA ( Link to original thread )


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