How to transfer messages from a Symbian to Android

I will show you on how to transfer messages from a Symbian to Android. You can do it in two steps.

Stage 1- Fetching messages from you old phone and convert them to XML file format.

  • Download and install NOKIA Ovi Suite which is available free of cost.
  • Sync you phone with Ovi and completely exit your NOKIA OVI Suite
  • Download Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe from simail website, An application to convert your SMS database in to XML file
  • Run the application after completely closing Ovi Suite, It will automatically detect your SMS backup. Just select Datastore1 in Ovi store & All Phones in Phone IMEI.
You will get XML file in the same folder where your application is copied.

Stage 2 - Restoring XML file to your Android phone using Simple SMS backup & Restore Application
  • Download and install SMS Backup & Restore from Android Market
  • Copy the .xml file you got in stage one to your android device, in sdcard\SMSBackupRestore Folder
  • Just run the App on your phone and restore all messages


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