Facebook Shortcut Keys

 Shortcut Keys For Facebook | Facebook Shortcut Keys In Chrome 

"Shortcut keys for facebook" is most demanded by Facebook Addicted peoples.As computer addicted people want computer shortcut keys. FB users also want "Facebook Shortcut Keys" . So here I have provided tons of shortcuts which will easily help you surf FB and will change your experience to use Facebook. So let see more about shortcut keys in facebook.

 Shortcut Keys For Facebook | Facebook Shortcut Keys  

Are you a lover of Facebook? If you are addicted to FB? If you have less time to use Facebook? Then these is for you : Shortcut Keys For Facebook

 Facebook Shortcut Keys For Firefox And Internet Explorer  

Just while using Facebook.com use these Shortcut Keys For Facebook as shown in the table :

Alt + 1 : Facebook's homepage

Alt + 2 : Your Facebook profile page

Alt + 3 : Friend requests

Alt + 4 : Messages 

Alt + 5 : Notifications

Alt + 6 : Account page

Alt + 7 : privacy settings

Alt + 8 : Facebook's page on Facebook

Alt + 9 : Facebook terms of use

Alt + 0 : Facebook help centre

Alt + ? : Enables Search

Alt + m : Compose a new message

 Shortcut Keys For Facebook | Facebook Shortcut Keys In Chrome 


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