7 Little Words – Elegant & Super Challenging Android Word Game

7 Little Words – Elegant & Super Challenging Word Game
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7 Little Words is a cute yet tough puzzler which works in a similar way to crosswords. While you do not complete a grid, the clues and the given number of letters should appeal to wordies everywhere. The game is simply yet beautifully designed and comes with 30 puzzles to complete- which is a whopping 210 clues to solve.
Price: Free
Tested on: HTC Desire HD

Pros & Cons:

  • Beautifully simple layout.
  • Challenging puzzles.
  • Becomes very addicitve given the chance.
  • Generous number of free levels, with the ability to buy more for 99 cents each, plus more levels in development.
  • The levels are quite tricky and some might not have the patience.


Word games are hugely abundant on Android. From Words With Friends and Scrabble to the simple yet fun Touchy Words there is a veritable selection of word games for all kinds of gamers. Into this foray comes 7 Little Words, an intriguing and challenging word game that fans of crosswords should love.
The free version of the game provides 30 levels within one set of puzzles, called ‘Sunrise’. Each puzzle contains 7 clues to 7 words which you have to work out. Beside each clue is a figure that shows the number of letters the answer contains. Below this is a grid 20 tiles which contain either 2 or 3 letters. To solve the puzzle simply select the appropriate letters. So with the clue as ‘action word’ which contains 4 letters, you can select ‘VE’ and ‘RB’ to create ‘VERB’. Click guess and the answer is now shown beneath the list of solutions. When you have solved all 7 clues, you complete the level and can move onto the next.
The design in 7 Little Words is painfully simple, but this compliments the game really well. the puzzles are incredibly challenging and fiendish which has kept me up far later at night than I should have been solving them! There are 30 free puzzles to solve in the set available for free, and the ability in-app to buy more sets (which each contain 50 puzzles) for just $0.99 each. Obviously this kind of game is not going to appeal to all, but it is thoroughly engaging and more than a little addictive.

Fun Factor:

First you are going to have to like word games, and especially the challenege of crosswords. If not then this might not be for you. If you are a ‘wordie’ this is an incredibly fun game that is both rewarding and challenging in equal measure.


If you are of the latter group explained above this is a critically addictive game. I enjoy challenging word game like this and often found this game virtually un-put-downable.


The graphics and design are very simple, but smooth, responsive and fitting with the game. No 3D, no explosions, nothing overly fancy and extreme- but the game looks and feels great to play.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound is nice, beeps and tings when you solve a clue and complete a puzzle respectively. Again this fits in with the design of the game. It’s also remarkable how triumphant the completed level sound is when you get it!

Rating : 4.4 of 5


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