How to transfer facebook photos to google plus(G+)

We have been hearing about google + more these days and by now most of us have already started taking a bit of it. Google profiles used to have a section for Flickr photos, but Google is now determined to make us all use Picasa in order to use Google Plus.But one of the big problems with any new social network is getting things set up just right.
So, how do we get pictures into Google Plus easily? Well, one developer has made it simple to get photos from Facebook into Google Plus. It’s a neat program for Mac OS X or Windows which works by downloading all your Facebook photos so that it’s easy to re-upload them to a new social network, be that Google Plus or something else which comes along. This will be very handy, since many of us have at least a few decent photos in Facebook. It’s quite straightforward to use – we’ll show you just how easy it is now using the Mac OS X version.


It does what it says and says what it does: Photograbber will get your photos from Facebook and put them on your hard drive. Download, unzip and install as per normal for your operating system.

Using Photograbber

When you open Photograbber you’ll be faced with a simple window which says “Login“. When you click this, you’ll be taken to a Facebook authentication page in your browser so that you can allow Photograbber the access it needs to get your photos.

Once authenticated, you’ll be given an authentication code which you’ll manually have to copy and paste back into the Photograbber program.

The Photograbber program actually allows you to download any photos you have access to on Facebook. So, you need to ensure you choose “Myself” from the list of people. There’s a few other options you can choose from here too, such as whether to download all of your albums or just any photo you’re tagged in, whether to download all of the album if you’re tagged in one photo (eg. to get all the photos from a party you were at). You can also choose to get all the comments and tagging information if you like.

When choosing a location to put them, ensure you create a folder to put them in, since this process will create many folders and their “date modified” will be according to the last photo added, not when they were downloaded.

It takes a while to collect information on which photos to download and then to get them downloaded.

When it’s done, you’ll find all of your photos in easily identifiable folders where you chose to download them. You can then upload albums into Google Plus via Picasa as you wish.


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