Android App for Blogger

Blogger app for android is now out. bloggers can keep working now from android phones. While mobile blogging should have been handy for many blogger users previously, apps like these are additional advancement of software providing more functionality. Blogger in its recent post announced the availability of its official app.

Android Users can start using the Blogger app by downloading it from the Android Market (for Free).
For all the features of the first version of Blogger Android App, please refer to the blogger post. Here are some of the featured highlights.
As a Blogger Android App User, you can;
  • Have access to multiple accounts and blogs that you own
  • Write and save/publish posts on your blog.
  • Add photos to your post directly from Camera or from your existing gallery.
  • Sharing to Blogger blog directly from your browser or Gallery.
  • Share you Location inside your blog Post
  • View Saved and Published posts on your blog.
Blogger also notifies that it’s working on “supporting other smart phone platforms to allow more of our users to easily post to Blogger on the go”.

Screen Shots


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